Not even sleep is an escape anymore. They’re awful, reflecting my paranoia that I wasn’t even certain I had. Being left or betrayed. They feel so real-the realest dreams I’ve had. They’re so real I can feel the pain, I cry and scream and sometimes, just sometimes, I can feel my sanity slip from my grasp. Last night I dreamt of betrayal. I hurt you and I cried and cried….then I laughed. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t amused. I just laughed. Since you have been slipping away, you’re everywhere. My mind will not let me forget you, even as I sleep.





I miss the days where you’d beg me to never leave you and you’d beg me to hold you. I was the center of your universe and your obsession. You’d keep telling me how much you loved me and always swore that you loved me more.

Now those days have passed. They’re the only days I miss and I sit waiting for the day that those things return.

That’s if they ever do.


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"Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word."

That’s unfortunately true….you say a single word or a name and it can destroy a person all over again.

MAKE ME CHOOSE » malihales asked:
↳ Sansa or Margaery



Okay that is adorable and I want him to have his own show with Tom Hiddleston for adorable British men who play villains.

He’s actually the polar opposite of joffrey in real life what is this

If you asked Joffrey if he had a boyfriend he’d be all `how dare you accuse me of such a vile perversion? Let’s see how you like the feeling of an axe through your neck, shall we? Have him killed!`

Because he’s the biggest fictional dick I have ever witnessed, at least the Joker thought the Red Skull was evil because he’s a Nazi. But Joffrey even hates gay people, so to anyone who is actually homophobic: you are as bad as Joffrey.

But anyway, it’s good to know that the actor is the opposite of Joffrey and he does very well to play such a good part.